Young Projects is very proud to present a rare glimpse into the work of one of LA's first visiual art collectives working in moving imagery, the Single Wing Turquoise Bird

Formed in 1968, ‘the Bird’ began life as a “light show,” performing and creating live, improvisational, decidedly maximal visuals for groups such as Cream, Traffic, the Who, the Velvet Underground, the Grateful Dead and many more. At the same time, often at the behest of painter Sam Francis, they performed at museums, galleries and loft spaces alike, where musical tracks by LaMonte Young, Terry Reily, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and others provided the score. Today these performative films can now be seen as crucial benchmarks in the evolution of Expanded Cinema, which itself became instrumental in changing the way we think of cinema, the role of the apparatus, and what would later become video art.

Disbanded in 1973, the individual members went on to develop their own artistic careers through the '70s, '80s and 90s, often working at the forefront of experimental film, documentary and performance. They reformed in 2010 with five original members (Larry Janss, David Lebrun, Peter Mays, Jeff Perkins and Michael Scroggins) and two new members (Amy Halpern and Shayne Hood). Today they continue to use analog technologies for their collective works (using chemicals, dyes, strobe wheels, video switchers and dozens of digital, slide, and overhead projectors at once) while exploring an even wider array of ideas and approaches on their own.

The exhibition at Young Projects will present a single group effort called Invisible Writing (2011), which was commissioned by MOCA Denver for the traveling exhibition “West of Center” and featuring an original score by composer Miroslav Tadic. It will also feature individual films from each member (ranging from narratives to abstraction; animation to collage), as well as documentation photographs by Andy Romanoff and Larry Janss, and a range of ephemera and vintage posters.

Single Wing Turquoise Bird

Collective and Individual Works

May 23rd through August 9