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YoungProjects opened in 2009 with two 4,000 sq. ft gallery spaces devoted exclusively to moving imagery. Designed to be less of a new media gallery than a project space, the gallery is designed to operate on several levels: first and foremost, it's dedicated to the idea that moving image artworks are concrete art-forms, much like painting, sculpture and fine art photography; Secondly, it operates as a project space for both, experimental film artists and contemporary artists who are interested in exploring the full capabilities of the various mediums that encompass moving image artworks and digital mediums. Thirdly, it's devoted to bringing the very best works available to Los Angeles, often from other countries, to allow them to be seen in the best possible conditions by a community of artists, curators, collectors and journalists.

Each of the two galleries has a different aesthetic approach: one offers a gallery/black box setting designed by Joe Day of Deegen Day Design llc., which presents the work in a more contemporary or modernist setting, and the other offers a more expansive space, with state-of-the-art equipment and larger screens.

The gallery presents 4 - 8 shows per year and each show runs for approximately three months (three months during the summer). The goal is to present monographic or group exhibitions (both historic and contemporary) where as many as 15 - 30 works can be shown simultaneously.

We are thankful for the extraordinary support and generosity of Charles S. Cohen, Helen Varola and the Design Loves Art Program

And a very special thanks to all those who donated during our Kickstarter fundraiser in 2012: They include the following:

Beloved Benefactors: First & Foremost: InFocus, Joe Day, Ramon Llull Foundation, Rosette Delug
Seraphims: Dean Valentine, Epson America, Eugenio Lopez, Gilena & Gary Simons, Honor Fraser, Manuel de Santaren, Rosmarie Riedl & Stefan Simchowitz
Aeons: Claudio & Angeline Cesar, Eddo Stern, Galila Barzilai Hollander, Johanna Went, Reid Shane, Robert Meersman, Steve Anker Virtues: Bettina Hubby, Beverly O’Neill, Carlos Mollura, Carrie Paterson, Danny First, David Cooley, Ferida Argoub, Jereann Chaney, Jordan Halsey, Kate Niemela, Kara Bullene, Kevin Hanley, Kristen Lynn Johnston, Lara Jo Regan, Lesley Meyer, Lisa Austin, Lise Johnson, Lori East, Marsia Alexander-Clarke, Mary Younakof, Michael Joaquin Grey, Michael Mahoney, Nancy Berman, Nancy Evans, Nancy Rommelmann, Regina Nemni, Rex Bruce, Robert Gunderman, Rose Apodaca, Susan Bohan, Tiffiny Lendrum, Yo Oshima, Yumi K
Archangeles: Adam Eeuwens & Rebeca Mendez,Adam Frelin, Adam Hyman & Okapi Films, Alberto Ashikawa, Alexander de Cadenet, Alexia Haidos, Alisa Yang, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Anders Weberg, Anne Bray, Anthony Ausgang, Antonio Mendoza, Bonnie Lane, Bret Battey, Camille Utterback, Carol Cheh, Carolina Gazzaneo, Caroline Wheeler, Charlie Hess, Chris Pellegrino, Christopher Collins, Cliff Evans, Corina Gamma, Cris, Damon Young, Dana Berman Duff, Danial Nord, Danna Ruscha, Dave Swensen, David Eubank, Dennis Summers, Deven Green, Diana Thater, Diane Mooney, Dodda Maggy, Dorsey Dunn, Eddie D, Elana Mann, Elizabeth Leister, Erin Quigley, Evan Mann, Eve Luckring, Federico Solmi, Gabrielle Jennings, Gali Rotstein, George Melrod, Ginny Chien, Gretchen Ryan, Harley Swedler, Heather Silva, Hershel & Sarah Baltrotsky, Hilja Keading, Hillary Mushkin, James Arnall, Jeremy Eichenbaum, Jody Zellen, Joe Merrell, Joe Sola, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Johnny Naked, Jon Reiss, Joseph DeLappe, Julie Orser, Karl Hirsch, Kate Duggan, Katherine Anna, Kathleen York, Katy Alexander, Keith Vogt, Kevin Cooley, Kii Arens, Kurt Ralske, Lana Gates, Larry Karaszewski, Laura Beatty, Laurel Beckman, Les Guthman, Les Paul Marshall, Liam O’Brien, Lily, Mike and Sarena, Linda Graveline, Lise Johnson, Lita Albuquerque, Louise Bialik, Luigia Martelloni, Maria Verstappen, Marisa Anne, Mark Haskell Smith, Mark Hughes, Martin Kusch, Max Presneill, Michael Kellner, Michael Scroggons, Mike Vensel, Nancy Buchanan, Nelson Anderson, Nicholas Croft, Nicolas Provost, Nira Pereg, Noa P. Kaplan, Noel Vietor, Olivia Vegh, Paige Wery, Pamela Hassell, PFFR, Pia Maffei, Rebecca Webb, Renee Petropoulos, Richard Lange, Richard Turner, Rick Klotz, Robert Seidel, Roni Feinstein, Sandy Maliga, Sarah Rossiter, Sari Carel, Scott Berkson, Scott Pagano, Shelley DeSoto, Sheree Rose, Silke Koch, Sougwen, Stephanie Allespach, Stephanie Sapienza, Stephen Holeman, Steve Dawson, Susan Bohan, Thomas Williams, Thorsten Brinkmann, Toban Nichols, Toxi Dixon, Valerie Wilcox, Victor Acevedo, Wayne Reynolds, William Lamson, Works, Ltd., Yan Yan, Zigmund Gron

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