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a group show featuring the work of

Ben Jones, Peter Coffin, Benedict Drew, Laure Prouvost, David Raymond Conroy, Tommy Hartung, Jimmy Joe Roche, Joe Merrell, Cal Crawford, Dina Kelberman and Frank Zadlo

Peter Coffin
Frank Zadlo "2-lips"
Frank Zadlo
David Conroy
Laure Prouvost
Frank Zadlo Moonfacec
Jimmy Joe
Ben Jones Video Paintings
Joe Merrell SOD
Joe Merril SOD still
Joe Merrill SOD still 2
Benedict Drew Phase 3
Benedict Drew Phrase 3
Benedict Drew Gliss
Blastomere Poster

Works in the Exhibition


(Lobby, entry)


Peter Coffin: Untitled (L'Angelus Experience) 2002
Projection, variable dimensions, 1 min looped SD video, silent


Dina Kelberman: Smoke & Fire 2013

SD Video, dimensions variable, silent. 4 minute loop

Displayed on 2 custom built CRT monitors and stands



(First gallery to the right)


Frank Zadlo: This on This (A proposal for the censorship of streakers during broadcasts of live sporting events) 2012

HD video, dimensions variable, silent 00:43 loop

Ed 1/5


Frank Zadlo: This on This (Lip-docked) 2011

Samsung T24A550 monitor, USB drive, custom frame, 27x17x3”, HD video 00:38 loop



Frank Zadlo: This on This (On Mars) 2011

Samsung FX2490HD monitor, USB drive, custom frame 27x30x3”, HD video, 00:27



David Raymond Conroy: Hauling / It is not the past, but the future that determines the present /Act

Natural, (2011 – 12)

Looped video, looped audio monologue, distressed designer jeans,

monitor, DVD player, media player, headphones, alcohol free lager


Audio Monologue: It is not the past, but the future that determines the present

Display Unit: Act Natural


Main room (left to right)


Joe Merrell: Untitled (Locale 2) 2013

C-print on archival paper, 18 x 24 framed



Joe Merrell: Suspension of Disbelief (for the love of Frater Perdurabo & K.A.) 2013

Black screening enclosure, soundproofed, wooden box with golden rope, projection, surround sound, 3D Chromadepth video, 3D Chromadepth viewing glasses, HD video. Dimensions variable. Run time 10 minutes



Joe Merrell: Son of Lam 2013

Light projections refracted from behind a black wall via mirrors



Ben Jones: P-Magic 1 & 2 2010

Two 30x40 canvases, video projector, 2 DVD players and 2 DVDs, 2:30 looped video, no sound


These works have been graciously loaned by Stefan Simchowitz and the Simchowitz collection


(Mid area, from left to right)


Frank Zadlo: This on This (Choppers) 2012

Wood board, dimensions variable, projection, HD video, silent 3:25 loop



Jimmy Joe Roche: Longfinger 2013

Site specific wall work, 3 layers of Day-Glo paint, blacklight, two 24” flatscreens, two DVD players, two DVDs playing two video files, projector, projection mapping, dimensions variable, silent


Special thanks to Amy Huestis for assistance in fabrication, and Refik Anadol for mapping


Frank Zadlo: This on This (Circleface) 2011

Custom 13x11x3” frame, iPad, looped video, Loopy software, silent



(Mid area left)


Laure Prouvost: It Heat Hit (2010)

HD video, 6 mins looped, 5.1 Surround Sound, dimensions variable


Drums and Sound Design: Panos Ghikas / Additional drums: Saulyus Chyamolonskas

Courtesy MOT International, London and Brussells


(Small Back room far left)


Tommy Hartung: Stay Golden Ponyboy, 2009

Single-channel (color, sound)

3:14 minutes

Edition 4/5 + 2AP

Courtesy On Stellar Rays New York

References: Anna Karenina, the Gnostic gospels, the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and 1973 BBC documentary The Ascent of Man (which traced the emergence and evolution of humanity through the scientific, mathematical, and technological developments that have shaped civilization)




Cal Crawford: Beacon, 2013
single channel video sculpture
55” HDTV, media player, vinyl
infinite loop
ED. of 3

(Large back room far right)


Benedict Drew: Gliss (Phrase III, Encounter with the un-­‐ rare) 2012

Part three of a large scale installation called Gliss. Foam-carved, plasticine 5’ monster, internal framing, mounting board, plasticine, PVA, casters, LED lights, two base speakers, amp and cd player, variable projection, HD video file, 4 minute loop, surround sound audio and speakers.

Monster fabricated by Michael Rabbit and Thingmaker Enterprises International

Courtesy Matt’s Gallery, London

Unique + 1AP


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